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Broadaway Ltd is offering free support for local, small / start-up businesses for creating or refining a business plan.

Every business needs to have a documented plan to provide direction, to present to investors, or to apply for grants. A business plan is vital for success, but it is often difficult to know how to write a plan, what to include and who it is being written for?

Often business owners find the idea daunting, which is why we are offering assistance. In this series of articles we will be addressing the structure and content of a business plan and providing feedback.

1. Executive Summary

This should appear first in the business plan, by way of an introduction, providing information about why you are starting the company, or the history of the company so far; who the people involved are and their history within the industry; and what you expect the company to accomplish.

If you would like to receive an evaluation of an existing plan, or would like some assistance in starting your plan, please contact Paul by email at

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